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  • Santa Maria Liners is based from Hong Kong. It’s a shipping company which known for its outstanding sea transportation services. The company is delivering high standard shipping cargo services with cost effective solutions for our valuable partners ...

  • Santa Maria Liners is the best choice for transporting goods from Hong Kong to any other country or local place, just because of the advanced fleet of Boeing and airbus airplanes. Santa Maria Liners is a choice of dozens of corporate and internationa ...

  • When you think about transporting your goods to the other places then Santa Maria liners may be your final choice due to the latest vehicle safety system. Every vehicle is attached with latest tracking ports which help us to find vehicle location fro ...

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general faq’s

What is Santa Maria Liners?

Santa Maria Liners is a sipping company headquartered in Hong Kong. Santa Maria Liners is known for its expert management and excellent customer services. Today the company is offer many types of shipping services like; Sea Cargo, Road Cargo and Dry Cargo with well-organized trained staff and ship management.

Who are Santa Maria Liners customers?

Our customer-focused business model facilitates strong, direct relationships with about 300 industrial commodity producers, traders and end-users all over the world. They include the biggest names in Mobile Phone Parts, Furniture Products, Agriculture, metals and other commodities.

How many crew sail on each of Santa Maria Liners ships?

We typically employ 15-20 crew on each of our dry bulk ships, ranging from the Master (or Captain) and Chief Engineer to Ordinary Seamen, officer cadets and trainee ratings. We empower and motivate our crew to manage our vessels with a pro-active safety culture, acting to mitigate risk in every task on board.

What is the difference between dry bulk shipping and container shipping?

Dry bulk ships and container ships carry cargoes in very different forms under different business models. Dry bulk ships carry major and minor bulk commodities and raw materials (such as coal, iron ore, grains and fertilizers, etc.) in homogeneous bulk form and sometimes in break-bulk form, while container ships carry containerized manufactured products.

What cargoes does Santa Maria Liners carry?

We transport a mix of dry bulk cargoes around the world including Major Bulks comprising Mobile phone and their parts, furniture products, iron ore, coal and grain, and Minor Bulks such as metal ores and concentrates, bauxite and alumina, petcock, salt and other minerals, agricultural products such as grains, fertilizer and sugar, and construction materials such as logs and forest products, cement, steel products and scrap.